Kurds killed ISIS terrorist joined the group from Austria

The belongings of Austro jihadist Vasilyeu Dzianıs

VIENNA (KDN) – Kurdish forces killed an Islamist terrorist in newly liberated Mount Kolik in western Sinjar region who joined ISIS from Austria’s western city of Bregenz.

According to Amsterdam based Kurdish ANF News Agency, the ISIS terrorist named Vasilyeu Dzianıs arrived in Turkey from Germany and stayed at an Istanbul hotel in Kumkapi district then traveled to Syria via Jarablus border crossing controlled by both Turkey and ISIS. From Syria he went to Iraq and and joined the massacre of the Kurdish Yazidis in Sinjar in 2014.

Kurdish forces backed by US-led International coalition liberated Sinjar and surrounding areas from ISIS in mid October this year and clashed with ISIS along Syria-Iraq border. Vasilyeu Dzianıs was killed along with other ISIS terrorists fighting the Kurds in the Kolik Mountain range.

ISIS terrorist killed in Sinjar

ISIS terrorist killed in Sinjar01

ISIS terrorist killed in Sinjar02

ISIS terrorist killed in Sinjar03

ANF published his belongings which include Austrian Rot-Weiss-Rot ID card issued for migrants, his insurance card, a mobile phone sim-card from Turkey, his Western Union card and his dead body.

There are around 200 Austrian jihadist fighting for terror groups in Syria and Iraq according to official accounts. After the death of Vasilyeu Dzianıs a Chechen from Belarus, now Austria has one less terrorist.