Captured jihadist: Our attacks were organized by Turkey

Kurdish forces during a training session in Afrin

AFRIN (ANF) – A member of the terrorist groups captured alive by Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) combatants confessed the financial support of the Turkish state for jihadist groups.

Ceyş El-Siwar (Revolutionaries’ Army) official website has published the confessions by Al-Sahaba Brigade member Ebdullah El-Ubeyd who was captured alive in the village of Mariamın which was liberated by QSD forces three days ago.

Ebdullah El-Ubeyd member confessed that they are ruled by Jabhat Al-Nusra Ahrar Al-Sham and ISIS gangs, noting that they attack the QSD-held villages of Keshtaar and Mariamın under the name of FSA (Free Syrian Army).

Ebdullah Mihemed El-Xazî El-Ubeyd stated that this group is led by Ebû Mihemed El-Newêjî, and all its leading figures are affiliated with the ISIS. He explained that the Turkish state supports their groups financially.

The gang member remarked that they are launching attacks to weaken to QSD forces and not allow them inflict blows on the ISIS.

Ebdullah El-Ubeyd added that members of the Al-Sahaba Brigade, Jabhat Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham and ISIS are conducting attacks against Aleppo’s Azaz region under the name of the Free Syrian Army.