US Embassy, UK and EU ambassadors extends condolences to murdered Elçi, policeman

UK Ambassador to Turkey: Richard Moore

ANKARA, – The United States Embassy in Turkey has extended condolences to Tahir Elçi, the Diyarbakır Bar head killed on Nov. 28, and a policeman, who was also shot dead during the attack.

“We are shocked by the tragic death of Tahir Elçi – a courageous defender of human rights,” read a tweet by the official account of the embassy.

“Our condolences go to his family, that of the policeman killed, and to all of Turkey. A terrible loss,” it read.
Hansjörg Haber, the European Union Ambassador to Turkey, also posted a similar message.

“I am deeply saddened and shocked by the killing of human rights activist Tahir Elçi and a police officer in Diyarbakir today,” said Haber.

“This dual tragedy and Mr Elçi’s legacy should inspire all working towards peace in Turkey, & the EU will continue to support this work,” he said.

“This tragic event also illustrates the magnitude of risks human rights defenders take. The EU will continue supporting their work,” he said.

The UK Ambassador Richard Moore also said on his official Twitter account that he was shocked by the loss of his his friend, human rights defender Tahir Elci.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News