Weapons shipment en route from Turkey to Belgium intercepted in Italy

TRIESTE (AP) – Authorities in the northeastern Italian city of Trieste have confiscated a shipment of nearly 800 shotguns en route from Turkey to Belgium.

Financial police Lt. Gen. Gabriele Baron said Thursday that the shipment had not been properly declared to authorities under laws aimed at preventing arms trafficking. The recipient was listed as a company in Belgium, but Baron said that unless properly declared “there is a risk that it can end up in other hands.”

Belgium has been under a state of high alert since the deadly Dec. 11 Paris attacks, as several suspects had links to Belgium and Belgium authorities have warned of an extremist plot against Brussels.

The shotguns were each packed in an individual box aboard a truck that arrived on a ferry in Trieste on Tuesday. Authorities found no other arms on board.

Trieste prosecutors are investigating possible charges.