Turkish terror army demolishes Kurdish cemeteries while the world fights ISIS terror

AMED (ANF) – Turkish terror army participating in an operation in the triangle area between Amed’s Lice-Hani districts and Bingöl’s Genç district have completely demolished the ‘Martyr Harun Cemetery’ in Speynî village of Lice district.

The attack by Turkish forces came during the curfew in 25 neighborhoods of Lice and Hani, which was declared on 20 November and lifted yesterday. The dimension of the offensive on the graveyard of Kurdish freedom fighters has come to light after the retreat of the troops from the operation area yesterday.

The military operation on the cemetery, which was conducted from both the air and the ground, left the mosque, rest hall, library and drinking fountain completely destroyed.

Cemetery destruction by turkish forces01

Cemetery destruction by turkish forces02

Cemetery destruction by turkish forces03

As part of the operation, ‘Marty Harun Cemetery’ was simultaneously bombed by troops with mortar fire and shelled by Cobra type helicopters. Soldiers also uprooted the saplings planted by the relatives of the fallen guerrillas in the graveyard.

Out of 140 graves of HPG guerrillas buried in the cemetery, 78 were completely demolished in the heavy offensive, while the tomb stone of HPG member Hüseyin Özbey (Martyr Harun) was torn down and broken into pieces.

During their withdrawal from the area two days later, soldiers and special operation teams joining the operation alongside them laid mines on the main road after leaving Speynî village. Their detonation of mines at two separate points left huge pits in the road.