Turkish police kill a pregnant Kurdish woman, wound her two children in Nusaybin

MARDIN (KDN) – A pregnant Kurdish woman has been killed and her two children wounded by Turkish police in Nusaybin district of Mardin province in southeast Turkey.

Attacks by Turkish special operation police are getting heavier in Nusaybin where a curfew remains in effect in its third day.

As people respond to the increasing attacks with mass resistance, special operation teams deployed in armored vehicles in Newroz Area in Devrim neighborhood have started to attack the Şirin Street linking Fırat and Abdülkadir Paşa neighborhoods. Residents of the neighborhoods are trying to hinder the police units from entering their areas.

Selamet Yeşilmen, mother of five, was shot by police deployed on Çağçağ Avenue as she was going down to the garden of her house together on Başyurt Street of Fırat neighborhood.

Yeşilmen’s two children Fikret and Sevcan, who were near her when the police attacked, were also targeted and wounded as a result of gunfire.

While the woman was heavily wounded and fell in a faint on stairs before reaching the garden, her two children run back into the house in the shock of the armed attack. The woman lost her life on stairs half an hour later during which her two injured children remained in the house.

The residents of the neighborhood managed to reach the scene only half an hour later when the woman had already died, and rushed the mother and two children to Nusaybin State Hospital.

Yeşilmen’s body is currently being held in the hospital morgue, while her son Fikret is being treated in intensive care unit and her daughter Sevcan has been referred to an Amed hospital.

Police teams also opened fire on the people that run to Yeşilmen family’s house for help, as a result of which a youth by the name of Yılmaz Tutak was shot by bullets and got wounded. The youth could be taken to hospital only some time later.

Another civilian Abdulhakim Aytimur was also wounded as a result of police attacks on Devrim neighborhood. Aytimur, who was shot while in his house garden, was taken under surgery at Nusaybin State Hospital.


In the meantime, special operation police teams trying to advance on Çağçağ Avenue burnt down two trucks for not giving them some elbow room. The police later tied the trucks behind armored vehicles and took them from the area.

As police forces continue their attacks on neighborhoods, reports are coming through that tanks have been deployed on the historic İpek Yolu (Silk Road).

Electricity has been cut in a number of areas including Fırat and Abdülkadir Paşa neighborhoods, and the Silk Road has been closed to traffic.