SDF forces liberate strategic Şelala village

Kurdish and allied forces walking through the Selale village in southern countryside of Hasakah province

HASAKAH (ANF) – The operation of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF or QSD) in south Hesekê continues in its 16th day.

The village of Şelala, 35 km southeast of Hesekê and 6 km to Hawl town, was liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces late yesterday.

The village is located on Şelala hill from which it takes its name, and houses a remarkable number of oil wells, which makes it one of the most strategic villages in the region.

With the liberation of Şelala, Syrian Democratic Forces have taken a greater part of the control over the road between Hawl and Irasha.

As part of the ongoing operation, 10 more locations have been cleared of ISIS gangs.

During mop-up activities around Hawl which ended yesterday after the liberation of the town the day before, SDF combatants have seized six bomb-laden vehicles, 4 pick-up vehicles, one lorry, one Hammer and one panzer belonging to the gangs.

The town is on the other hand filled with mines planted by the gangs before liberation.