Syrian Democratic Forces take control of Al-Hawl in Hasakah

A Kurdish fighter watching ISIS movements in Al-Hawl

HASAKAH (KDN) Syrian Democratic Forces fighting ISIS in southern Hasakah have reportedly taken control of the strategic town of Al-Hawl on Friday.
The liberation of Al-Hawl is the second blow to the terror group in one day. Earlier today Kurdish forces took control of Kurdish Yazidi town of Sinjar from ISIS and inflicted heavy blows on Islamic terror group.

The operation of Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD or SDF) against ISIS-occupied areas in southern Hasakah continues on in its 14th day.
Kurdish sources claim that Syrian Democratic Forces have taken control of the strategic Al-Hawl town and cut off ISIS supply road from Raqqa to Mosul.

SDF units are currently conducting mop-up activities in the town.