DBP-HDP building in Ceylanpınar raided by Turkish police

URFA (ANF) – In Urfa’s Ceylanpınar district bordering Rojava, West Kurdistan, special operation forces accompanied by a prosecutor raided the building of DBP (Party of Democratic Regions) and HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Forces) last night.

Besides conducting a very detailed search in every single one of the rooms affiliated to HDP and BDP district departments in the building, police units also seized some banners, posters and flags hanged on walls and threw the rest on the ground. Doors were broken during the raid and hard disks of all the computers inside were confiscated.

HDP district co-chair Mehmet Ali Aslan said the raid was conducted on alleged grounds of “arms search” and as part of the intense repression, detention and arrest campaign going on across the district since the municipality was taken over by AKP.

Aslan stated that police found nothing in the building during the raid and the following detailed search, noting that police forces that have even besieged the district centre now are raiding houses and detaining people almost every day.