KCK: AKP has seized the power and will escalate the war

The leader of Kurdistan Workers' Party Cemil Bayik

BEHDINAN (ANF) – KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency has released a statement about the results of November 1 elections.

Describing the period since after June 7 election as a “political coup”, KCK said AKP didn’t win the election but seized the power, and will escalate its war against the Kurdish Freedom Movement and democracy forces in Turkey.

KCK remarked that November 1 election was forcibly imposed after the AKP and Tayyip Erdoğan ignored the results of June 7 election and staged a political coup against the will of peoples in an undemocratic and hegemonic manner.


The statement by KCK pointed out that AKP staged a coup within a coup by starting and expanding a war both inside and outside the country despite the fact that it was overthrown from the government and had no legitimacy left in the ruling.

According to KCK, AKP officially seized the power with November 1 election by means of various interventions after losing it in June 7 election. “What is reflected as AKP’s election success is in fact a seizure of the power. In this regard, speaking of a success of AKP and a defeat of HDP should be seen as a cover-up of this seizure.”


The statement by KCK underlined that the AKP, which has seized and legitimized the power, will now try to build its hegemonic authoritarian system and also escalate its war against the Kurdish Freedom Movement and democracy forces.

Calling attention to the government’s intention to keep the war going until no single guerrilla is left alive, as has also been stated by AKP Spokesman Ömer Çelik soon after the election, KCK said this war is the sole article of the new government’s political program, while all other issues will serve as a complementary accessory to this war policy.

KCK said AKP will doubtlessly form the government but underlined that this wouldn’t mean coming up with a solution to the problems of the country, the real point in question.

Pointing to Turkish state’s urgent need for the resolution of the existing problems and the elimination of polarization, KCK said that the AKP, however, made a decision to continue the war that will make Turkey confront a great crisis both inside and outside the country.


Stressing that serious unfavorable developments and great dangers lie ahead of all democracy forces, KCK highlighted the following points; “The AKP government and its allies aim to eliminate the atmosphere of the dynamics needed to resolve Turkey’s basic problems because they lack policies for Turkey’s democratization and resolution of the Kurdish question. They witnessed and feared the peoples’ will and power for democratization in June 7 election. The war they have started and want to keep going aims at the suppression of Turkey’s democracy forces, mainly the Kurdish Freedom Struggle which is a fear factor in their point of view. In this regard, the developments taking place since June 7 should be identified correctly, and an attitude should be adopted accordingly. In the contrary case, serious unfavorable developments and great dangers will lie ahead of all democracy forces.”

Attributing AKP’s current aggression to the power held by Kurdish Freedom Movement and Turkey’s democracy forces for democratization, KCK said the fascist and anti-democratic forces of AKP have gone into action in the face of the association of pro-freedom and democracy forces of Kurdistan people and Turkey.

Putting emphasis on the essentiality of development of a joint attitude by democracy forces, KCK said resistance is the only way to defeat the AKP’s ongoing attacks and its policies intending to establish an authoritarian and hegemonic system and escalate the war. KCK said formation of a democracy bloc is a political step needed by Turkey today.


The statement underlined that Kurdish Freedom Movement will continue defending a struggle for free and democratic living, and giving the necessary response to the attacks and impositions of a war against Kurdish guerrilla forces and the people.

KCK ended its statement by calling upon all democracy forces in Turkey to enhance the resistance by forming a democracy bloc against the AKP policies aiming to suppress them, and to step up the struggle to create a democratic Turkey in which all the problems can be resolved through democratic political ways.