KDP Peshmarga, who betrayed Kurdish Yazidis, now want the PKK forces out of Sinjar

SINJAR (ANF) – HPG Shengal Command reported that KDP remained insistent on its negative approach towards guerrilla forces in Shengal region. Describing the liberation of Shengal as a national duty, HPG called upon all the powers in the region to act with responsibility.

In its related written statement, HPG Shengal Command recalled that their forces have been defending the people of Shengal alongside the YBŞ (Shengal Resistance Units) with a great self-sacrifice, and have led the liberation of many areas in the region.


HPG Command underlined that they were ready to do whatever necessary for the liberation of Shengal and freedom of its people and took it as a historic duty of theirs.

Pointing to the operation launched in Shilo valley a while ago, during which around a hundred members of ISIS have been killed, HPG said the Kurdistanî forces they notified about the operation didn’t give a positive answer, because of which HPG forces liberated the area with their own forces.

Calling attention to Shengal people’s expectation for the liberation of the entire region and Shengal territory, HPG said an alliance of Kurdistan’s local forces would be the best way to achieve this goal.


HPG Command continued by highlighting the problems faced by guerrilla forces in the region as KDP blocked the way of guerrillas transporting medical and logistic supplies from Rojava to Shengal, and also forced guerrillas to leave Shengal immediately.

“We can make no sense out of this unfriendly attitude. We held numerous talks with KDP officials in an effort to settle these matters but they maintain the same attitude and continue their efforts to hinder our forces. We just want to understand if this imposition in question is KDP’s personal attitude or a general approach. The current situation has reached an unacceptable point and our people should be aware of it, because of which we have released this statement.”

HPG said they want and are ready to liberate Shengal and the region from ISIS gangs as a national duty and responsibility of theirs, but underlined that the mentioned issue serves neither the Shengal people nor the national interests of the Kurdish people.

HPG Shengal Command added that they expect this approach to be sorted out in the shortest time possible.