Sinjar: 24 ISIS members killed, 11 others wounded in Shengal

SINJAR (ANF) – YBŞ (Shengal Resistance Unis) General Command reported that yesterday’s clashes with ISIS groups left 24 members of the gangs dead and 11 others wounded.

The statement said a clash took place between YBŞ forces and ISIS gangs in the area of Xeyr Nasır, Sitti Zeynep and Xayr Nasır hill in Shengal town centre at 17:00 on October 28.

During the clash which erupted upon the gang groups’ attack on the positions of Resistance Units, gang groups were inflicted severe blows, as a result of which 24 members of theirs were killed and 11 others were wounded.

YBŞ General Command added that coalition aircraft also hit the gang groups in Shengal town centre 12 times during the same hours.