Kurdish lawyer Elçi released on conditions of supervision: I am behind my words

ISTANBUL (ANF) – Head of Diyarbakır Bar Association, Tahir Elçi, was detained last night in the scope of an warrant of capture for defending that “PKK is not a terrorist organization”. Elçi was detained at the building of Bar Association at 02:20 last night, and taken to İstanbul early this morning.

Bakırköy Public Prosecutor’s office issued a warrant of capture for Head of Diyarbakır Bar on grounds of “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organisation” after he said on a TV program last week that; “PKK is an armed political movement that has political demands and a remarkable support behind it”.

Elçi has been released on conditions of supervision today afternoon after giving his statement at Bakırköy Courthouse.

In a short statement after his release, Elçi said; “As the ones following this process in the midst of this fire in the country, we have to express the presence of a problem and the ways for a solution. I do not have to describe this issue in the same way everyone does.”


Pointing to a lynch campaign started against him for his remarks, which he also faced during his questioning at Bakırköy Public Prosecutor’s Office, Elçi said he stood behind his words and didn’t consider the PKK and KCK as a terrorist organisation.

Head of Diyarbakır Bar called for an immediate end to the ongoing conflict and a civilised resolution to the Kurdish question.