Turkish army bombs cemetery in Lice, closes roads in Dersim

AMED (ANF) – Turkish army has once again bombed the area of ‘Martyr Amed and Martyr Hêvîdar’ Cemetery in Lice district of Amed. On the other hand, the road between Dersim and its Pülümür district has also been closed by Turkish troops.

Attacks and operations by the Turkish army are going on uninterruptedly since the declaration of inaction by the Kurdish movement KCK on October 10.

Troops affiliated to the Turkish army have blockaded the ‘Martyr Amed and Martyr Hêvîdar’ Cemetery in the rural area of Sise (Yolçatı) village in Amed’s Lice district as the cemetery has once again been bombed by Turkish forces today. Human shields keep waiting in the cemetery area for over a month now.

On the other hand, Dersim Governorate has announced today that the road between Dersim and its Pülümür district has been closed as of 07:00 this morning.

In the meantime, Diyarbakır Governorate declared a curfew in 21 neighborhoods of Amed’s Lice and Hani districts as of 17:00 yesterday evening.

Dibekköy, Yolçatı, Begendik, Kevrereş Tepe, Çağdaş neighborhoods in the district have been declared as “military safe zones”. Local people are denied access to the mentioned areas.

While telephone and internet services have been cut down in Lice after the imposition of a curfew, soldiers have been dispatched to the villages of Sîsê and Speynik where cemeteries of Kurdish fighters are located.