PKK: Kurdish people’s honour dragged through streets, Birlik will be avenged

QANDIL (ANF) – People’s Defense Center (HSM) Headquarters Command has released a statement regarding the savage torture perpetrated against Hacı Lokman Birlik whose dead body was dragged behind a police vehicle after his execution in Şırnak province last week.

HSM said it was the Kurdish people’s honour and dignity that was dragged on the ground in the body of Hacı Birlik, and underlined that he will be avenged.

The statement said Birlik was executed by AKP’s special contra forces that belonged to a dark mindset and bore no value judgment or humanity, recalling that he was shot 25 times at close range although he had already lost his life at the scene.


Noting that Birlik’s body was furthermore tied behind an armored vehicle and dragged on streets until it was decomposed, HSM Headquarters Command described the torture against his dead body as fascism.

Refuting the claims voiced by Turkish Prime Minister that Hacı Lokman Birlik was a guerrilla, HSM said Birlik was a Kurdish patriot that bravely resisted the colonial system in his lands.

“Birlik’s body dragged on streets is actually the honour and dignity of the Kurdish people. The Turkish state must know this truth, and that this will be avenged.”


Calling attention to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and AKP’s pro-war propaganda, the statement said; “Erdoğan’s remarks that ‘We killed over 2000 terrorists’ is nothing more than nonsense, as the reality is already reflected by the balance sheets we make public as HPG. They have started a major perception operation to deceive the public opinion in order to cover up the unsuccess they faced when their most extensive aerial operation even has failed. It is certain that Erdoğan and AKP, who are conducting aerial operations with their special war forces and running a perception operation through their media, will lose against the Kurdistan guerrilla forces that represent the reality and march towards victory, and the Kurdish people who keep their resistance going with honour and dignity.”

People’s Defense Center Headquarters Command also commemorated PKK Central Committee Member and HPG Command Council Member Baran Dersim who fell a martyr in Dersim on September 16 and will be laid to rest today.

HSM called upon all the patriotic Kurdish people and revolutionist-socialist forces to ensure mass participation in the funeral to take place today.