3 Kurdish civilians killed, 15 wounded in attack by Al Nusra terrorists on Kurdish neighborhood of Aleppo

ALEPPO (ANF) – Al Nusra gangs have launched a mortar attack on the Kurdish neighborhood of Sheik Maksoud of Aleppo city, which left three civilians dead, and 15 others wounded.

According to a report by ANHA, the mortar attack by AKP-backed Al Nusra and Ahrar Al Sham gangs was conducted at around 19:00 local time. Four mortar shells have hit the civilian areas, as a result of which two children, 8-year-old Îd Ehmed Hesen and 9-year-old Ebdellah Essaf, have lost their lives. The other civilian killed in the attack has not been identified yet.

15 other civilians were wounded in the attack by the gangs and taken under treatment at Heyva Sor Health Center.

Two youths aged 25 and 26 are among those wounded.