Kurdish PYD releases final resolution of its 6th Congress

GIRKÊ LEGÊ (ANF) – Final resolution of the PYD (Democratic Union Party) 6th Congress has been released. The Congress was held on September 20-21 in the town of Rimêlan under the slogan “From Rojava towards Democratic Syria”. In addition to delegates from the three cantons of Rojava, some 300 guests representing the political parties and organizations all parts of Kurdistan and Europe also attended the congress.

During the two-days Congress, Asya Abdullah and Saleh Muslim were re-elected as the Co-chairs of the party.


The final resolution said the PYD Congress was a kind of democracy festival uniting different circles from other parts of Kurdistan and the world, and witnessed a provision of support to the struggle waged in Rojava on the basis of unity by all peoples in the region.

Pointing to the bloody war going on in the Middle East territory, the final resolution said the interests of regional politics have turned this battle into a very dirty war in which all kinds of means and methods are used against the basic values of humanity.

“This situation, which constitutes a quite serious danger against cultural, societal and human values, has conduced toward a united fight of all democratic forces that defend human values and dignity at the same front against dark forces. The primary goal of this solidarity is to protect the remaining values against the infection of this disease that has become a major threat and danger for the existence of humanity.”

According to the final resolution, the participants of the Congress manifested insistence and strong will to maintain the struggle to end this disease, and voiced solidarity with the PYD in the path it follows in this regard, while also highlighting a need for the party to grow stronger in order to be a solution to the crisis in Syria and the challenging process the Middle East is going through. “Many circles and groups in Syria, which see our party as a representative of their demands and hopes for the future of Syria, considered it a basic essentiality for our party to expand its grassroots further to the extend of involving the entire Syrian society.”

The final resolution said the attendees that made an assessment of the political situation approved the party’s participation in the international socialist structure as part of its political and diplomatic works, but stressed that these efforts should be continued persistently in order for the party to meet all the needs required by the reality of the battle of self-determination.

Putting emphasis on the importance of efforts made through UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura and his delegation for the political solution of the Syrian crisis, attendees of the congress approved this approach and stressed the need to enrich it further.

While party’s ongoing presence within the Delegation Al-Tensîq was approved as a positive step despite some differing attitudes towards the Kurdish cause, which are being tried to be eliminated, an idea was embraced to continue the relations and dialogue with the parties of the Syrian crisis that side with a solution, especially those standing close to the resolution project for the establishment of a Democratic Syria Council within the Democratic Autonomous Administration.


The final resolution said the assessments made at the Congress approved the PYD politics to provide political and moral support to the YPG/YPJ forces and institutions of the Rojava Democratic Autonomous Administration. The party’s internal relations among Kurds was also found favorable and emphasis was laid on the need to advance and deepen these relations to a further extend.

In addition, it was referred to the importance of the party’s playing an active role for the development of stricter and more powerful relations with the other forces of Kurdistan in order for the Kurdistan National Congress to take place and become the top decision making body on behalf of Kurds in four parts of Kurdistan. The participation of Kurdistan’s various forces in the Congress was saluted, and defined as a positive step serving the gathering of Kurdish National Congress.


According to the final resolution, it was also decided to organize a ‘congress of Syrian opposition forces’ in Rojava to form a basis for the resolution of the Syrian crisis, and to establish a relation with all the Kurdish circles in Syria and other parts of Kurdistan.

The Congress also witnessed a series of decisions to obviate migration from Kurdistan that constitutes a major danger and threat against the existence of the Mesopotamia peoples, which attendees of the Congress evaluated as a development planned by forces aiming to change the demographic structure in the region through the war.


Recalling that women made up 16 out of 37 newly elected members of the Party Assembly, the final resolution stated that the representation rate of women in the Party Assembly has reached 43 percent.

The final resolution ended by stressing that; “Co-chairs, Party Assembly members and Congress delegates reiterated their promise to keep their struggle going, and to always base it on the brave female and male martyrs of Rojava peoples in order to make the goals of the martyrs real.”