Kurdish writer Musa Anter commemorated where he was murdered

Musa Anter was a Kurdish writer and intellectual. He was born in Mardin's Nusaybin district in 1920 and was killed on September 20, 1992 in Amed.

AMED (ANF) – Kurdish intellectual Musa Anter (Apê Musa) has been commemorated at the scene where he was murdered by Gendarmerie Intelligence Organization (JITEM) in Amed on 20 September 1992.

A commemoration in front of the Musa Anter Monument in Seyrantepe district of Amed was joined by a large group of people including HDP Amed deputies Nursel Aydoğan and Feleknas Uca, Anter’s son Dicle Anter and his family members, DBP, HDP Amed branch executives, workers of Fırat Distribution, Özgür Gündem, Azadiya Welat dailies, Dicle News Agency and Gün TV as well as representatives of civil society organizations.

The crowd carried the photos of Apê Musa, Gurbetelli Ersöz and free press martyrs in the commemoration.

Speaking here, Free Journalists’ Society Co-chair Hakkı Botan said “Apê Musa, who was a person of creating solutions, who also guided people with his own stories and writings. We as press workers are trying to follow his path. Apê Musa is considered as a leading figure in the creation of consciousness of free press in Kurdistan and Turkey. Despite its failure to accomplish a result by murdering Apê Musa 23 years ago, the Turkish state still tries the same dirty methods in an attempt to silence the press. This method has worked out. Today, at the scene where Apê Musa was killed, we see that killing is not a solution”.

Speaking on behalf of DTK, Mülkiye Birtane said they and the workers of free press will keep the struggle of Apê Musa going. She remarked that the journalists on duty today were the small children of 90’s, and that the children of today will become the leading figures of the society in the future.

Following the speeches, the crowd marched to the scene where Musa Anter was murdered, chanting the slogans “Martyrs are immortal” and “Free press cannot be silenced”, also carrying the photos of the martyrs and carnations in their hands. The crowd left the carnations on the ground after holding one minute’s silence.

Musa Anter was a Kurdish writer and intellectual. He was born in Mardin’s Nusaybin district in 1920 and was killed on September 20, 1992 in Amed.

He completed his primary education in Mardin, and then studied at junior and senior high school in Adana. When he was a student, he had been to Syria during his summer holidays and got acquaintance with Kurdish nationalist intellectuals such as Celadet and Kamuran Bedir Khan, Kadri and Ekrem Cemilpaşa, Dr. Nafiz, Nuri Zaza, Nuri Dersimi, Qedrîcan, Osman Sabri, Haco Agha and his son Hasan, Emînê Perîxanê’s son Şikriye Emîn, Mala Elyê Unus, and Cigerxwîn.

Abdülkadir Aygan, a former PKK militant who turned informant and was recruited as part of the first staff of JITEM (the Turkish Gendarmerie’s Intelligence and Counter-terrorism Service), said he had been part of a JITEM unit, along with a “Hamit” from Şırnak, which had assassinated Musa Anter.

Turkey was found guilty of Anter’s murder in 2006 by the European Court of Human Rights (EHCR), and sentenced to a fine of 28,500 euros.