Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) holds its 6th Congress in Rimêlan

RIMELAN (ANF) – The Democratic Union Party (Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat, PYD) is holding its 6th congress today at the 12th anniversary of its foundation in the town of Rimêlan.

The congress at Aram Dikran Culture and Art Centre started this morning under the slogan “From Rojava towards Democratic Syria”. In addition to 600 delegates from the three cantons of Rojava, some 300 guests representing the political parties and organizations from Europe and all parts of Kurdistan and are also attending to the congress, including Arab delegations.

The co-chairs of the party, Saleh Moslem and Asya Abdullah, representatives of Democratic Autonomy Administration Legislation and Executive Assembly, members of TEV-DEM (Movement for a Democratic Society) are also attending the congress. HDP Urfa deputy Dilek Öcalan, a nephew of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, is also among the attendees.

The congress hall is decorated with PYD flags, posters of the martyrs and banners which read “Democratic politics is the foundation of democratic and ecological society”, “Ecological and moral politics is the foundation of democratic autonomous administration”, “The victory of Kobanê is a success of humanity and national values”, “Science, administration and organisation is the essence of building freedom”, “The path of our martyrs and the thoughts of our leader are the guarantee of the freedom of peoples”.

Important messages are expected to be given in the speeches by PYD Co-chairs Asya Abdullah and Saleh Moslem, and other speakers who include Canton Co-chair Şêx Himêdî Deham El-Hadî; Selma Irmak on behalf of the HDP; Mele Bextiyar from YNK; Kemal Kerkuki from KDP; Zerdeşt Mele Hesen from Goran Movement, representatives and members of Free Women’s Congress (KJA), Hizbi Zehmetkêşan and various other parties and groups.