Turkey’s RTÜK suspends the broadcast of Kurdish TV channel Özgür Gün

AMED, – Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) has suspended the broadcast of all channels broadcasting on Digi Medya 1 and 2, and Güç Medya 1 and 2.

The suspension of some 40 channels on Digi Medya platform, which includes Diyarbakir based Kurdish Özgür Gün TV with RTÜK license, was predicated on the claim that “platforms do not obey the broadcasting rights”.

The broadcast of some 60 channels on Güç Medya 1 and 2 platform were also suspended for the same reason.

Amed-based local Özgür Gün TV has in the meantime announced that it will continue the broadcast on web until the problem on the platform is settled.