Turkish soldiers shoot truck drivers, one dead, six wounded

Thousands of Trucks are not allowed to enter Turkey from Iraqi Kurdistan

ZAXO (ANF) – Turkish soldiers opened fire on truck drivers as they tried to cross from Zaxo city of South Kurdistan into Northern Kurdistan today afternoon. One truck driver died in the fire.

Over a thousand truck drivers from Northern Kurdistan who have been denied entrance into North Kurdistan and kept waiting at border for a week have today attempted to cross the border by their own means in the face of the ongoing denial of permission.

The drivers were targeted and shot by Turkish soldiers while crossing the border near Kotite village in solidarity with the Cizre people in solidarity with the people of the town against the attacks by Turkish state forces.

One driver killed, six others wounded

According to a report by by Rojnews, one driver lost his life and six others were wounded in the fire. The wounded drivers have reportedly been taken by vehicles belonging to peshmerga forces to the hospital in Zaxo.

One of the drivers at the scene told the Turkish soldiers fired bullets on them from Kotite military post and confirmed that one driver was killed and six others were wounded in the attack.