Kurdish town Cizre under fire, casualties reported

CIZRE (ANF) – HDP Şırnak deputy Faysal Sarıyıldız told that fire erupted in a house in Nur neighbourhood of Cizre as a result of intense bombardment conducted by security forces in the town.

Fire opened from an armoured vehicle started a fire on the 3rd floor of a building in Ersin Street of Nur neighbourhood, after which 5 to 6 children got poisoned from the smoke. Sarıyıldız said the children were given yogurt for treatment and are in good condition at the moment.

HDP deputy stressed that the siege on the town must be lifted immediately and drew attention to the ongoing threat of massacre against civilians.

Another HDP Şırnak deputy Ferhat Encü, who is also in the town at the moment, told that some houses and vehicles around Botan Hospital were burning at the moment, adding that fire department and ambulances must immediately reach the scene.

In the meantime, snipers also opened fire on a fire squad on their way to the scene for intervention, which left one firefighter wounded. He has been taken to Cizre Public Hospital by his colleagues.

Meanwhile, reports say that that there was an elderly civilian and a youth in the house which is still on fire, and that their bodies are all burnt.