Turkish police murder another Kurdish youth in Cizre

CIZRE (ANF) – The curfew in Cizre district of Şırnak has entered its third day. Fire opened from armored police vehicles deployed on İdil Street in Nur neighborhood left a 19-year-old youth by the name of Sait Çağdavul dead. The body of the youth who was hit by a bullet in the throat was taken to the mosque in the neighborhood as civilians are still being denied access to hospital under the blockade of security forces.

Clashes between local people and police forces continued all night long as security forces tried to enter the Nur, Cudi, Sur and Yafes neighborhoods with dozens of armored vehicles.

The youths carrying out self-defense against attacks were also supported by large numbers of people who were also targeted by bullets fired by police.

Police fired bombs at times in the neighborhoods where power remains cut for two days, while attacks mainly intensified in Nur neighborhood. A rocket attack on armored vehicles deployed on İdil Street was followed by big blasts.

The attacks by Turkish forces left three other people wounded who were treated by people themselves as they were not allowed access to hospital due to intense attacks.