YPG Conference on Kobane Resistance ended

KOBSNE (ANF) – Military forces affiliated to YPG Kobanê Command have organized a conference on the resistance in Kobanê region, held under the slogan “Let’s re-organise on the basis of Kobanê resistance and lead the building of democratic Syria”.

Over 200 delegates participated the conference held by YPG Kobanê Command between August 23 and September 1, 2015, which exclusively discussed the political, military and organisational dimensions of the resistance and reportedly reached important decisions.

According to the information obtained from YPG sources, the conference, which was held closed to the press, discussed major topics such as “Recent political and military developments in Rojava Kurdistan, Middle East and the international arena”, “Assessment of military and organisational problems faced during the Kobanê resistance, solution proposals, criticism and auto-criticisms” and was concluded with important decisions on the discussed issues.

The final declaration of the conference is expected to be announced tomorrow.