PJAK calls on the Kurds to step up struggle against Iranian regime

URMIA (ANF) – The Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (Partiya Jiyana Azad a Kurdistanê or PJAK) has released a statement condemning the Iranian regime for the execution of Kurdish political prisoner Behrouz Alkhani in Orumiyeh city of Rojhilat (East) Kurdistan this morning. PJAK also warned the regime not to play with the sensitivities of the Kurdish people.

The statement by PJAK Council offered condolences to the family of Alkhani and the Kurdish people and stressed that the Kurdish people will use their most legitimate right to self-defense against these attacks. PJAK drew attention to the similarity between what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Iranian President Rouhani are doing against the Kurdish people.


Condemning the death penalty and the executions of the Iranian regime, the statement said “These inhuman attacks and executions are a consequence of the deals and policies of the Iranian regime against the Kurdish people. With these policies, the Iranian regime forces the Kurdish people to take different decisions. Just like our people’s decision to struggle against the cruelty of Erdoğan, the Kurdish people are being forced to do the same against the Rouhani state”.

PJAK Council pointed out that the Iranian state wanted to sacrifice the Kurdish people and the region’s peoples in order to stop the attacks launched against Hussies in Yemen, and underlined that this dirty policy of the regime would by no means be accepted. “No one should doubt that those who play with the Kurdish people and their values will share the same destiny with ISIS gangs”, it underlined.


Describing the execution of Behrouz Alkhani, who was paralyzed by torture, as a crime against humanity, and as an unprecedented cruelty by a state ever, PJAK stressed that the execution regime of Iran exceeded the limits of conscience and humanity.

PJAK stressed that even a Kurd paralyzed by savage torture methods was considered as a threat by the Iranian regime which -it noted- had no tolerance left against the existence of the Kurdish people and attacked them in prisons, streets, in fact everywhere.


PJAK called upon the Kurdish people and youth not to remain silent about these execution policies anymore, and emphasized that no Kurdish youth should take a firm stand against this corrupted policy of the Iranian regime and never abstain from stepping up the struggle for freedom.

“We are going through a period during which the Kurdish people will attain self determination. The Kurdish people do no more accept the occupation and cruelty imposed on them, nor do they leave the attacks of the enemies unanswered. The Kurdish people protected and defended themselves against the ISIS savagery in Rojava (West) and Başur (South) Kurdistan. In the same way they have begun self-rule against the war imposed by the AKP in Bakur (North). They must use their legitimate right to self-defence against the execution policy and savagery of the Rouhani state as well”.


Urging the Iranian state to see the anger of the Kurdish people and not to cause a deepening enmity among the peoples, PJAK warned the Iranian regime not to play with the sensitivities and values of the Kurdish people, especially during this historic process when the Kurdish people are capable of self-rule and organization of their lives.

Party of Free Life of Kurdistan ended its statement by stressing that Kurdish Freedom Movement will respond to these practices of the Iranian regime, and calling upon the Kurdish people and youth to reclaim the martyrs of resistance and honour.