Jailed Kurdish mayors sent to prisons in Ankara and Kırıkkale

AMED (ANF) – Co-mayors of Amed’s DBP-held Silvan and Sur district municipalities, who were remanded in custody yesterday, have been exiled to Ankara and Kırıkkale prisons.

Co-mayors of Silvan and Sur municipalities had been detained on August 19 and remanded in custody on the 23rd as part of the political elimination operations that started targeting administrators of DBP-held municipalities in the wake of declarations of self-governance.

Sur Municipality co-mayor Seyit Narin and DBP Sur district co-chair Ali Rıza Çiçekli were sent to Kırıkkale F Type High Security Prison, while Sur Municipality co-mayor Fatma Şık Barut, Silvan co-mayor Yüksel Bodakçı and Women’s Academy staff Güneş Ölmez were sent to Sincan Prison in Ankara.