Kurdish mayors of Silvan and Sur districts formally arrested

AMED (ANF) – Co-mayors of Amed’s Silvan and Sur district municipalities have been formally arrested by a Turkish court late Saturday evening.

Co-mayors, both from DBP-run municipalities, had been detained on August 19 in the scope of the political genocide operation launched after the declaration of self-governance in the districts.

Sur co-mayors Seyid Narin and Fatma Şık Barut, Silvan co-mayor Yüksel Bodakçı, DBP Sur branch co-chair Ali Rıza Çiçekli, Women’s Academy staff Güneş Ölmez, as well as Hasan Irmak and Abdulnesim Baran were referred to the courthouse after the completion of their procedures at the police department late yesterday.

Following their testimonies at the prosecutor’s office, the Kurdish politicians were referred to a vacation court on demand of arrest at late hours yesterday. Narin, Barut, Bodakçı, Çiçekli and Ölmez were formally arrested by the court on charges of “disrupting the unity and territorial integrity of the state” in accordance with the Article 3012 of the Turkish Penal Code.

The other two detainees, Hasan Irmak and Abdulnesim Baran, were released.