Turkish army threatens Kurds in Semdinli with massacre

SEMDINLI (ANF) – Co-mayor of Şemdinli Seferi Yılmaz who spoke to ANF about the recent situation in Şemdinli district of Hakkari told that Turkish troops are opening mortar fire on the Altunsu village. Yılmaz said soldiers are threatening the local people to leave the village, saying that they won’t be responsible for any negative consequences. While a de facto curfew is in place in Şemdinli district center, police and soldiers evacuated the hospital.

Yılmaz said two cannon balls have hit the Altunsu village where clashes have intensified as of 05:00 this morning.

The village which is located at a close distance to Şemdinli houses five thousand people.

Co-mayor told that; “Electricity is cut off and service by GSM operators remains interrupted since yesterday morning. There is a de facto curfew in effect in the district center where government agencies are closed and the hospital has been evacuated. Yüksekova-Şemdinli road is also closed.”

Remarking that the people are worried and facing a threat of massacre, Yılmaz said this was also highlighted by the headman of the Altunsu village who told him “We are facing a threat of massacre. Make us heard.”