Turkish governor portrays children massacred in Diyadin as PKK fighters

Turkish governor of Kurdish province of Agri

AGRI (ANF) – Ağrı Governor’s Office tries to legitimize police executions in Diyadin district of Ağrı by portraying slain civilians as PKK guerillas.

Ağrı Governor’s Office has issued a statement on the incident in which special operations teams massacred Orhan Aslan (16) and Emrah Aydemir (15) in the bakery they worked at as well as the unidentified body of a murdered person.The statement said; “Three terrorists were seized dead, together with their guns.”

The Governor’s Office had made similar statements in the past to justify executions of civilians.

Fevzi Kahraman, a witness of the execution by police in Diyadin, told that special operations teams killed three civilians and put guerrilla clothes on them after the murders. Kahraman and three of his relatives have been detained today.