YPG: 42 ISIS terrorists killed near Sarrin

Kurdish YPG fighters posing on the top of tank in Sarin

SARRIN (ANF) – People’s Defence Units (YPG) Press Office has announced in a written statement that 42 ISIS gang members were killed in the operations carried out around Sirîn while the gang groups who attempted an attack on Mount Kizwan were repulsed.

YPG Press Office said the Defence Units strongly responded to the attacks attempted by ISIS gangs against Mount Kizwan yesterday morning after their defeat in Hesekê city centre the day before.

“The ISIS gangs, completely cleansed from Hesekê the previous day, launched an attack directed on Mount Kezwan in the early morning hours yesterday. Our units strongly responded to the attacks which targeted the Radio Hill in Mount Kizwan. The gang groups were repulsed following hand-to-hand fighting that lasted until late hours”, reported the Defence Units, adding that the gang groups that launched the attack were forced to flee away from the scene of the clashes, while the number of casualties of the gangs could not be verified.

The YPG statement also reported that a large amount of ammunition and weapons of the gangs were seized in the mop-up operations launched after the gang groups’ leave from the area.

Five combatants of the Defence Units have fallen in the fierce clashes that took place around Mount Kezwan after they waged a brave and courageous fight against the gangs, said the statement of the Defence Units.

Operations of the YPG/YPJ continue in Sirîn

YPG Press Office reported that YPG/YPJ forces who are continuing their operations around Sirîn launched an extensive operation against the gang groups they noticed taking a position nearby Malha village to the south of town. Fierce clashes broke out between YPG/YPJ forces and the gangs which were encircled in a short time.

The statement also reported that a bomb-laden vehicle of the gangs, who attempted a suicide attack to halt the advance of the Defence Units, was destroyed before reaching the target.

At least 42 gang members were killed in the mentioned operation and 17 others were left wounded, while a large amount of ammunition was also seized from the gang groups.

The YPG Press Office lastly reported that 2 combatants of the Defence Units lost their lives in the operation during which they played an important role in the resistance to ISIS gangs.