HPG: At least 50 Turkish soldiers killed in action against Karabulak military base

A group of PKK female fighters in Qandil

BEHDINAN (ANF) – HPG (People’s Defense Forces) Press Office reported in a written statement that at least 50 soldiers were killed in an action that targeted the Karabulak guard post in Bazid (Doğubayazıt) district of Ağrı at 03:00 on August 2.

Remarking that guerrillas continued actions on the basis of self-defense in response to the attacks of the Turkish military against the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, HPG Press Office stated that with the action of August 2nd, guerrillas have launched Martyr Şervan Varto Initiative.

The expansive action at 03:00 on August 2 was conducted by Serhat Province Forces in retaliation for the Zergelê massacre of civilians by Turkish jets in Kandil region of guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones on August 1, which left 8 people dead and 15 others severely injured.

HPG stated that the action of self-sacrifice against Karabulak guard post was carried out with a vehicle loaded with 5 tons of explosives which was detonated after entering the post from the main entrance gate. The building of the guard post, and all the watch towers and emplacements were destroyed in the action after which the scene remained in flames for two hours. Two military vehicles and one bus in the area of the guard post were also destroyed upon the following explosion of the ammunition store.

The statement said that this action in response to Zergelê massacre was carried out by HPG guerrilla Murat Bütün, nom de guerre Eriş Andok, who fell a martyr in his action of self-sacrifice.

Remarking that over 50 soldiers were killed in the action against the guard post, where some 80-100 soldiers were present, HPG said the number of casualties of the Turkish army was much higher.

HPG statement said that guerrillas launched another action against the Turkish troops that came to the scene in military vehicles from the Kıjık and Karabulak villages of Bazid districts, as a result of which nine soldiers were verified killed.

HPG identified the guerrilla who conducted and fell in the action as Murat Bütün, nom de guerre Andok Eriş, from Van.