Kurds say repelled ISIS assault on recently captured town of Sarrin

Kurdish YPG fighters posing on the top of tank in Sarin

KOBANE (ANF) – YPG Press Office reported that the attacks launched by ISIS gangs around the town of Sarrîn the night before, have been repelled totally.

The statement noted that heavy clashes had been taking place since early yesterday morning between YPG/YPJ (People’s/Women’s Defense Units) and ISIS groups that infiltrated into the town in civilian clothes.

While the exact number of casualties inflicted on ISIS during heavy and hand-to-hand fighting couldn’t be verified, corpses of eight ISIS members killed in this area were seized by Defense Units.

Recalling yesterday’s statement which announced the death of seven fighters of the Defense Units here, the statement said six more combatants of the YPG/YPJ fell fighting in this area where clashes continued till the evening.

The statement also reported that ISIS gangs in Jarablus conducted a heavy weaponry attack against the YPG/YPJ emplacements at the bank of the River Euphrates last night, but were repelled upon an immediate response by Defense Units.

Regarding the battle in Hesekê, YPG said that the offensives launched by Defense Units to clear the entire city from gangs continued.

As part of the offensive against ISIS groups in Hey Zihur neighborhood, which continues in effect, Defense Units started advancing from the Neşwê neighborhood to Panorama region last night, and inflicted heavy blows on the gangs in heavy clashes.

While the number of casualties on ISIS side couldn’t be verified, corpses of 18 ISIS members and their munitions were seized by YPG/YPJ, the statement added