Kurdish leader: Turkey’s real war is with the Kurds not ISIS

PYD leader Salih Muslim

BRUSSELS (KDN) – Speaking to Amsterdam based Kurdish ANF News Agency, Salih Muslim, the leader of Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria, said that Turkey’s real war is with the Kurds, ISIS is a cover.

“We would fight back if Turkey attacks the Kurds living in Jarablus and other Kurdish areas in northern Syria,” Muslim said earlier today.

Turkey, a key ally of ISIS since the beginning of Syrian civil war, apparently agreed to join the US-led coalition and open its Incirlik airbase to coalition jets that conduct airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. However, Turkey has since started to attack Kurdistan Workers’ Party bases in Iraqi Kurdistan instead of targeting ISIS. PKK has been the most effective fighting force against ISIS both in Syria and Iraq.

“Turkey has been using ISIS as a blackmail against the Kurds fighting for their rights and their land over the last few years. Turkey’s recent decision to join the anti-ISIS coalition is nothing more than just a trick. Because Turkey was under pressure and the world community was questioning the role of Turkey in supporting ISIS terror in the region. What Turkey is doing now against ISIS is only a show-off and the real enemy are still the Kurds for Turkish government,” Kurdish leader added.

Regarding the question whether Turkish airstrikes against PKK in Qandil region would end the two-year-old ceasefire. Muslim said that during this so-called peace process Turkey was not actively engaging the Kurds and bombing PKK bases, but it conducted its war against the Kurds by supporting and harboring ISIS. “PKK has proved its effectiveness against ISIS in Sinjar and Kirkuk, therefore, attacking Qandil and the PKK means fighting for ISIS against the US-led coalition.”

Muslim underlined that they would resist any attacks by Turkey in the same way they did against ISIS and Syrian regime. “Everyone should know very well that YPG and YPJ are there to protect the people. We will be resisting to all the policies anticipating to leave some certain regions to ISIS or its brother organizations and target the Kurds. Just like they resisted to the regime and ISIS so far, YPG and YPJ will continue resisting to anyone targeting them.” Muslim said.