IS distributes ID cards in Turkey’s Izmir province issued for Mohammed

IZMIR (KDN) – ISIS terrorists found a new way of propaganda by distributing Turkish ID cards belonging to Mohammed in different parts of İzmir province.

While Turkey claims it takes the fight to its ally ISIS, the members of terror group have started issuing and distributing so-called ID cards belonging to Mohammed as a new propaganda tool in Turkey.

ISIS Mohammed ID02

Group members made propaganda during the distribution of ISIS ID cards, claimed that ISIS would soon rule the world, and threatened people to work for ISIS. Gangs propagated that every Muslim should support the jihad in Syria and join ISIS in order to fight for the caliphate. Gangs argued that ISIS was the path of the prophet and every Muslim should live in the Islamic state.

The distributed ISIS ID cards have information of Mohammed’s ID number, face, eye and hair color, height, children, wives, uncles, origin and the date of birth.