YPG: Mission accomplished in southern Kobane front

KOBANE (ANF) – YPG Media Center announced that the town of Sarrîn has been cleared of ISIS gangs, and the combing operations of YPG/YPJ forces in and around the town continue.

In its written statement, YPG Media Center stated that the Revenge Operation for Kobanê Martyrs launched by YPG/YPJ (People’s/Women’s Defense Units) in ISIS-occupied areas to the south of Kobanê has been accomplished in effect.

Remarking that ISIS gangs were inflicted severe blows in the operation which targeted the town of Sirrîn and surroundings, YPG Press Center said this military success had a historic importance with regards to ending the presence of ISIS gangs in Girê Spî that constituted a critical danger for Kobanê. “With the liberation of Sirrîn, gangs’ attacks on Kobanê and countryside have been obviated, and one more step has been taken towards the objective of democratic Syria based on the common life project”, YPG said.

YPG said the forces advancing along the Euphrates River bank in the north and south have completed their operation after liberating one village and several hamlets from the gangs.

YPG said that Defense Units noticed that the gangs in Sirrîn were trying to transport their guns and ammunition across Euphrates River, and destroyed 1 armory truck and 2 military vehicles here. YPG announced that 17 ISIS gangs were killed in this area.