Kurdish forces make further gains, tighten noose around ISIS terrorists in Hasakah

Kurdish forces entering newly liberated areas in Hasakah

HASAKAH (KDN) – As battle rages on across Rojava, Kurdish forces have taken more ground in Hasakah city and tighten noose around ISIS controlled areas in the region.

Reports claim that Kurdish forces backed by US-led coalition airstrikes are in near complete control of Hasakah city. Kurdish YPG and YPJ fighters today captured strategically important Newsa intersection in southern Hasakah and repelled all ISIS attacks aimed to break the Kurdish siege in the area.

YPG Press Center said that the terror group continued its attacks in order to break the siege. ISIS made several attempts in Dawidiyê neighborhood in the southeast and newly liberated Vilate Sor village with cars loaded with explosives,but failed to break the siege.

YPG Press Office added that Kurdish forces have liberated two hills overlooking besieged Sarrin village in southern Kobane and forced ISIS out of Mecbele village in the region.

Videos by Hawar News Agency