Kurds liberate southern suburbs of Hasakah city killing dozens of terrorists

HASAKAH (KDN) – Kurdish forces have liberated southern suburbs of Hasakah city from ISIS terrorists after two days of heavy fighting and reportedly continue advancing in the south.

“Our forces took control of Vilate Sor (Red Disrict) of Hasakah city and killed dozens of terrorists”, a YPG Commander told Kurdish Hawar News Agency late Friday. The newly liberated district was controlled by regimes forces until recently, however, it was captured by ISIS terror group last week.

Kurdish Defense Units surrounded the district yesterday following the defeat of regimes forces in the area and cut off ISIS supply routes leading to Deir ez-Zor, Sheddad and Raqqa.

The new Kurdish offensive in Hasakah aims to clear the city of ISIS and take control of the remaining Kurdish land in the region.

Meanwhile, the UK Defense Ministry said Friday that British pilots have started to conduct airstrikes against ISIS in Syria as well.

The videos below show the latest from the battle in and around Hasakah city

Aftermath of a coalition airstrike