The end of ISIS: Kurdish forces surround remaining ISIS positions in southern Hasakah

HASAKAH (KDN) – Kurdish defense forces of YPG and YPJ backed by US-led airstrikes have surrounded the last ISIS positions in southern Hasakah city after seizing juvenile prison earlier today. Fierce clashes taking place on the city’s outskirts where Kurds continue their offensive against the terror group.

According to Kurdish military officials, Kurdish forces have taken control of all the roads leading to Hasakah from Raqqa, Sheddad, Deir ez-Zor and western Iraq, cutting off all possible ways for ISIS terrorists to escape.

“ISIS terrorists gained some ground in regime controlled areas recently and seized southern part of the city and public buildings following the withdrawal of regime forces. Kurdish forces fought back and recaptured the areas that regime forces had lost to ISIS.” a Kurdish commander told Kurdish Daily News in a phone conversation.

In their ongoing offensive, Kurdish forces succeeded clearing large swaths of land from ISIS extending from Hasakah city to Mount Kizwan (Ewdilaziz) and Xabur River.

“Kurdish forces have encircled all remaining positions in the neighborhoods of Neswa, Xiweren and Panorama crossing in southern Hasakah city”, YPG Press Office reported.

Kurdish forces also were able to seize the Juvenile detention center and an important power plant in the industrial zone of Hasakah city.