Armed attack by Turkish soldiers leaves 1 dead, 2 wounded in Kurdistan

ARDAHAN (ANF) Soldiers of the Turkish army taking part in a military operation raided bullets on a civil minibus carrying local people in Gundik (Koyunlu) village in Göle district of Ardahan province.

According to initial reports, the armed attack with long-barreled guns which targeted the local people on their way from the village to a plateau, left a civilian by the name of Kamber Morkoç dead and two others, Sabri Morkoç and Altan Akın, wounded.

The attack at 8 am in the morning was conducted by a group of soldiers that had been dispatched from Erzurum, Ardahan and Göle two days ago and taken up position for a military operation in a forestland at Erzurum border.

After carrying out the armed attack, soldiers came near the minibus but left the scene shortly after, without providing any assistance to the villagers they left wounded.

While all the three villagers in the minibus suffered injuries in the armed attack, one among them, Altan Akın, managed to drive the car to Göle Public Hospital with two other wounded villagers in it.

70 years old Kamber Morkoç couldn’t survive despite all the medical efforts at hospital, while 40 years old Sabri Morkoç was wounded in the chest and 35 years old Altan Akın in the stomach.

Morkoç and Akın were both referred to Ardahan Public Hospital following an immediate medical response in the district hospital.

On the other hand, reports say that soldiers taking part in the operation had stopped cars leaving  for the plateau from Senemoğlu village and performed id checks at the scene of the incident early this morning before the armed attack took place.

Soldiers also affronted the people who reacted to the id control on the road.