PKK declares the death of Turkish-Kurdish ‘peace process’

The co- president of the KCK Cemil Bayik

Qandil (ANF) – KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Presidency said in a statement on Monday that the truce declared by the Kurdish movement in March 2013 has no meaning anymore due to Turkey’s never ending attacks against the Kurds and Kurdish armed forces.

KCK pointed out that unlike guerrilla forces who have precisely tried to abide by the ceasefire and acted with great responsibility over the last two and half years, the Turkish state has disobeyed the conditions of truce and failed to avoid practices inciting clashes.

On the other hand- the statement said- the Turkish state took advantage the ceasefire conditions for not a democratic political resolution, but gaining an advantageous position in preparation of war by building dozens of guard posts, roads for military purposes and dams in order for a cultural genocide.


KCK recalled their former statements in which the Kurdish movement continuously warned the Turkish state to stop the construction of military outposts, dams and roads for military purposes which it particularly underlined meant violation the ceasefire and starting a battle.

The statement also reminded that among the Kurdish people who have dozens of times held protests and acted as human shields to avoid clashes upon the army’s interventions, many have lost their lives due to the attack of security forces on demonstrators.

KCK noted that the Turkish state enhanced the construction of military outposts, dams and roads especially during and after the election process by taking an advantage of the attentive and patient attitude of the Kurdish movement.


KCK stressed that there was no need for dams in the Kurdistan territory where -it said- the present dams of Keban, Karakaya and Atatürk- already provided energy 100 times more than needed here.

The statement also underlined that the construction of dams in Kurdistan was for military purposes and aimed to displace the people in the Kurdish region, to destroy the historical-cultural values and to restrict the movement area of guerrillas.

“Even if there is a referendum held on the issue, 90 percent of the Kurdistan people will say no to the dams which are being turned into a graveyard for the Kurdish people”, KCK said, emphasizing that the Kurdish freedom movement as the political will and power of the people also objects to the construction of these dams.

KCK remarked that despite the guerrillas’ warning that the construction of dams meant a violation of the ceasefire, the Turkish state insistently continued them due to its lack of a policy for the resolution of the Kurdish question.


KCK stated that following an evaluation of this attitude of the Turkish state, the Kurdish movement has decided to not to accept this treatment anymore, and to mobilize all means necessary, including the guerrilla forces, to stop the construction of all dams.

“From now on, all the dams and vehicles used in the construction will be targeted by our guerrilla forces”, KCK said and called on the contractors and workers involved in the construction to leave these areas.

KCK noted that persistent contractors and the AKP government would be responsible for the clashes and consequences to be witnessed in the areas of dam construction henceforwards.

KCK continued, by underlining that despite all the warnings of the Kurdish movement, the AKP government continues its arrest operations to break the democratic organization and political will of the Kurdish people and to leave the society resistless, acting in full contradiction to the society’s messages and expectations for democratization in Turkey and resolution of the Kurdish question.


The statement said the Kurdish movement has also concluded that the increasingly ongoing arrests of Kurdish population indicates AKP government’s intention to wage a war against the Kurdish people as it takes advantage of the current gap in the country in the after-election process.

KCK called on the Kurdish people to not to allow any arrests, and pointed out that from now on, every arrest will be a reson of retaliation for the guerrilla.

KCK emphasised that the Kurdish movement will never accept such practices of the Turkish state and the AKP government that is actually expected to take steps for the achievement of democratization in the country after the elections.

“The Turkey and Kurdistan public opinion should know that our guerrilla forces will use their right to resistance against construction of dams and outposts for military purposes, and retaliate against operations of political genocide against the people”, KCK said.

KCK also underlined that the Kurdish Freedom Movement will not accept the violation of the ceasefire anymore, and manifest its stance against policies that leave the Kurdish question in a deadlock.