Kurdish forces speed up their offensive in Hasakah and southern Kobane

KOBANE, Rojava (KDN) – Representing a key component to the wider engagement with the Daesh (ISIS) terrorists near Kobani, a military operation by members of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) along with the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) continues in full force with the main goal of targeting and liberating terrorist-occupied areas to the south of Kobane as well as providing protection and security for the local population in that region.

On July 4, in the south of Kobane, Kurdish forces could complete their advance around areas previously occupied by the terrorists, as they were able to secure several farmlands from the terrorists within the extent between Serekaniye and Makhareten villages. The terrorist forces’ casualty numbers were not immediately verified, however, Kurdish fighters seized 9 corpses of ISIS terrorists killed in the ongoing battle.

According to YPG press release, correspondingly on that night, a group of the terrorists carried out an assault on the village of Dali deploying an explosive-laden vehicle; the location was earlier liberated from the terrorists. Kurdish troops managed to target and effectively destroy the VBIED, killing one suicide operative of the terrorists.

I another suiced car bomb by ISIS terrorists near Nur Ali village in southeastern Kobane claimed the lives of two members of Kurdish forces.

In Hasakah province, attacks by Daesh terrorists have continued to target and terrorize the center of the Hasakah city.
A surprise assault operation was conducted last night by the Defense Units against numerous groups of suspected Daesh terrorists positioned around Mt. Kezwan and eastern Hasakah, the press statement said. “In this operation which was perfectly performed, a member of the terrorists were killed and a military vehicle was seized, remaining enemy forces withdrew from the area.”

In Til Hamis, two small units of the Daesh terrorists last night tried an attack on the Khassan Sq. in the southeast of Til Hamis, in Jazira region. However, in a swift repulse, Kurdish combatants responded to the attempt which was launched from two angles. Heavy clashes in that area resulted in the destruction of a vehicle of the attackers. Both groups of the assailants were ultimately forced to flee the area; the number of dead and wounded terrorists are yet to be confirmed.