ISIS – Turkey cooperation left 42 civilians dead in Kobane

Kobane (ANF) – The death toll of civilians massacred by ISIS gangs that had infiltrated into Kobanê early this morning has increased to 42, while the number of the wounded has been reported as 55. In the meantime, the operations of the YPG/YPJ and Asayish (Security) forces against the gangs continue.

According to ANHA News Agency, ISIS gangs have massacred 22 civilians in the town centre, while 55 others have been wounded. There is no information currently available about the 5 families abducted by ISIS gangs.

Meanwhile, ISIS gangs massacred over 20 civilians in BerxBotan village located 30 km to the south of Kobanê.

The death toll thus increased to 42, while 55 civilians were wounded.

It has been reported that YPG/YPJ fighters and Asayish forces have cleared many areas that had been infiltrated by ISIS gangs, while 11 gang members who were positioned in Azadi Square and the school nearby were killed.

The extensive cleaning operation launched by YPG/YPJ forces has been reported to continue.