Kurdish forces in full control of Ayn Issa in northern Raqqa after seizing army base

GİRÊ SPİ (ANF) – YPG Media Center reported that the town of Ayn Îsa was liberated soon after the expulsion of ISIS gangs from the nearby 93rd Regiment by YPG-YPJ and Burkan El Fırat forces.

YPG Media Center stated that the Commander Rubar Qamişlo Initiative from Kobanê and Cizîr cantons continue to the south of Girê Spî and Silûk. YPG forces from Cizîr attacked ISIS gangs in the village of Elî Beceliyê located 8 km to the northwest of Ayn Îsa and liberated the wheat silos here. YPG stated that the number of dead and injured gangs has not yet been identified, and 2 YPJ-YPG fighters lost their lives during the operation.


YPG stated that ISIS gangs attempted to carry out a suicide attack with a vehicle full of explosives near the village of Til Hemama Tirkmena, but YPG forces frustrated this attempt and killed 2 gang members. 3 YPG fighters were injured in this operation, which later enabled the liberation of 4 villages in this area.


YPG continued its statement by emphasizing the successful attacks of YPG forces that resulted in the liberation of Şêradê, Eğlik, Hoşên, Şerdik, El Manad, El Imad, Masura, Xalidiyê, Sersûh, Ewidiyê, and First and Second Ewidan villages from ISIS gangs. YPG forces marched towards Ayn Îsa through the same route and liberated the town soon after the expulsion of ISIS forces from the nearby 93rd Regiment. Large amounts of guns and ammunition were confiscated during the operation.