50-year-old German fighter joins the fight against ISIS in Shengal

Shengal (ANF) – While the fight against ISIS continues on many fronts, the number of foreign fighters in the Kurdish ranks increases day by day. A 50-year-old German man named Pilengê Kal, who has recently joined the resistance in Shengal called upon everyone to do the same. Thousands of Kurdish Yazidis were massacred after the ISIS occupation of Shengal in August 2014.

German fighter Kal described his life before joining Shengal resistance as the life of a hamster on a treadmill, and said that he became more involved in the conflict after he saw the footage of people, particularly Êzîdîs, being massacred by ISIS gangs. Kal stated that he could no longer stay in Germany and decided to come to Shengal in order to strengthen the resistance here.


Kal described himself as an anti-fascist and said that what ISIS does in Kurdistan is religious fascism. Kal emphasized the need to increase the level of resistance against ISIS before the fight is prolonged, and said that a free, democratic and egalitarian Kurdistan will emerge when this resistance succeeds.


Kal stated he traveled to numerous Kurdish cities after Germany and stayed in Hewler and Amed for several weeks. According to Kal, Kurdistan is a very beautiful country full of warm and openhearted people. Kal said that 59% of Shengal has been looted and destroyed by ISIS and the reminders of massacres targeting Êzîdîs can be seen all around the town. Describing PKK guerillas as the only hope for Shengal, Kal calls on everyone to support the PKK resistance here.


Criticizing Germany’s reluctance to remove PKK from the international list of terrorism, Kal said that PKK is the only true help Êzîdîs had received during ISIS occupation and the world is fooling Êzîdîs by labeling PKK as terrorist. Kal said that one of the main reasons he joined Shengal resistance is the women’s movement inside PKK, and said that he can see the egalitarian approach rid of hierarchies all around him. Kal describes women inside PKK as self-confident, and said that people in Europe and in the US have a great deal to think about and take lessons in this regard.


Kal called upon organizations in Europe, particularly Germany, to support people in Shengal with food, ammunition, and medical equipment and personnel. Kal criticized the flow of aid only to PDK, a force that had abandoned people of Shengal in the first place.

Lastly, Kal called upon German and other peoples to break their silence on brutal massacres and support the resistance in Shengal.