More than 400 fighters from Australia, America and Europe joined YPG: monitor

A group of international fighters pose for a photo in the outskirts of the north-western Syrian town of Tal Tamr. Photo: AFP

KDN – The number of foreign fighters, who joined YPG ranks in the last months in order to fight IS in Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo, has reached to 400, London based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. According to sources monitoring group reached, those fighters come from Europe, Australia, North America and South America and there are thousands of Kurdish fighters who come from Turkey, Iraq and Iran to help defend the Kurds of Rojava.

4 of the YPG’s foreign fighters, Keith Broomfield from the US, Erik Scurfield from the UK, Ivana Hoffmann from Germany and Ashley Johnston from Australia, lost their lives while fighting with the Kurds against ISIS terror organization in northern Syria.