Karasu: AKP is behind the bombings in Diyarbakir

ANF – KCK Executive Council Member Mustafa Karasu stated that AKP instructed the massacre in Amed. KCK Executive Council Member Karasu spoke to Med Nuçe television and condemned the massacre that took place in Amed. Karasu offered condolences to the families of those who died in the massacre and said that these attacks were part of AKP’s election policies. Emphasizing Davutoğlu and Erdoğan’s recent statements targeting HDP, Karasu said that AKP instructed the massacre in Amed.

In his statement, Karasu highlighted the recent hostilities towards HDP election campaign and said that these attacks aim to intimidate the party and the people. Karasu pointed out the similarities between the massacre-centered mentalities of ISIS and AKP, and said that the sole responsible for attacks against HDP is the AKP government.

Karasu stated that Erdoğan and AKP aim to establish an oppressive regime and use the rhetoric of internal and external enemies in order to intimidate the public. Karasu claimed that the government would attack Kurds in full force if it manages to secure an election victory on June 7.


Karasu said that AKP has lost its legitimacy and there is no fair governance in Turkey as the number of attacks on HDP since April reached 250. Karasu called on the AKP to leave the government since the party’s rule can no longer be tolerated the people. Karasu claimed that AKP has opened war on Kurdish people and called on Kurds to resist AKP policies and increase their level of mobilization.


In his statement, Karasu emphasized that the massacre in Amed was the peak of a series of attacks that have exposed the true face of AKP. Karasu stated that such a government can neither solve the Kurdish issue nor address other topics such as the Alevi question. In order to resolve these issues, Karasu called on every ethnic and religious group as well as women and young people to form a web of democracy around HDP in the upcoming elections.