YPG : Istanbul based Syrian Coalition collaborates with ISIS

YPG spokesperson Redur Xelil

ANF – The YPG General Command has reacted strongly against the statement of the Syrian Coalition yesterday, which alleged that the YPG attacks Kurdish and Arab villages, throwing them out of their villages. YPG said the Syrian Coalition, known as the Istanbul Opposition, has turned into a collaborator and partner-in-crime of the ISIS gangs with their attitudes and statements.

Issuing a statement on the official website of the YPG, the General Command said “After all the gains of the YPG forces in Syria against the ISIS gangs, achieved also with the support of the aerial forces of the International Coalition, the Syrian Coalition issues a statement far away from the real facts. The statement of the Syrian Coalition issued on 30 May 2015 talks about untrue things in an attempt to stigmatize the YPG in the opinion of the public. This however only serves the ISIS gangs, which perpetrates massacres against the peoples of Syria”.

YPG said the Syrian Coalition was attempting to trigger conflict amongst the peoples through these false allegations, which prove that the coalition does not want peace among the peoples of Syria and their well-being.

“The statements and the attitude of the Syrian Coalition reveals another face of the ISIS gangs”, said the YPG, adding that the Syrian Coalition, differing from the ISIS gangs only in the uniforms that their members wear, is a collaborator and partner-in-crime of the ISIS gangs perpetrating savage attacks on the people.

YPG stressed that the YPG is the only force that does not discriminate between the peoples of Syria, adding that the participation of many people in the ranks of the YPG from different communities in Syria proves this fact. YPG said that the ISIS gangs use people as human shields in the war, recalling the incidents in Nestel and Ebu Şaxat villages, 45 km southwest of Serêkaniyê on 27 May. YPG added that the ISIS gangs have turned all the villages and areas they occupied into killing fields through the mines and bombs and traps they have laid, as well as setting villages and vehicles on fire to hide their withdrawal from the region.

The YPG said that while the YPG forces were fighting against the ISIS gangs to throw them out of these lands, the Coalition seemed to ask the YPG “why are you fighting against them and obtaining victory in the war?” “This amounts to wishing for the continuation of ISIS terror”, added the YPG.

The statement of the YPG General Command further called on the Syrian Coalition to return to a patriotic line to serve the Syrian people and to distance itself from the attitudes aiming at triggering conflict amongst the peoples of Syria.

YPG also called on the Syrian Coalition to determine and announce clearly its attitude towards the Syrian Kurdijs National Assembly (ENKS).

The YPG statement concluded by reiterating its determination to defend and to protect the Kurdish, Syriac and Arab peoples and all the communities in the region against ISIS terrorism: “We declare hereby once again that we will undertake all our responsibilities until the end to defend and protect the Kurdish, Syriac and Arab peoples and all the communities in the region by fighting against ISIS terrorism, and continue our struggle to build a Democratic Syria and to defend the values of humanity”.