Breaking: Operation to liberate occupied Tal Abyad starts as civilians flee the area

Kurdish fighters watching ISIS movements around Tel Abyad in northern Syria, preparing for a possible offensive to liberate the occupied Kurdish town Gire Spi (Tel Abyad). Photo: ANF

KOBANI (ANF) – Burkan al-Fırat (Euphrates Volcano Operations Room) announced that they have started an operation which will continue up to Girê Spî (Til Ebyad).

Burkan al-Fırat is a joint military action centre formed by YPG and local FSA brigades and battalions. The foundation of the ‘Action Centre’ was proclaimed at a military ceremony in Kobanê on September 10, 2014.

Releasing a statement entitled ‘Fraternity of Peoples’, Burkan al-Fırat called on the local inhabitants to evacuate the region for some time to avoid being used as human shield by ISIS.

According to a report by Dicle Musa of Hawar News Agency (ANHA), Burkan al-Fırat which also involves some groups from the FSA held a military ceremony and released a joint statement with YPG/YPJ fighters in the village of Êdîqê to the south of Kobanê.

Speaking on behalf of Burkan al-Fırat Forces, Spokesman Şerwan Derwîş recalled that since their establishment, Burkan al-Fırat forces have fought against the enemies of humanity and expelled them from the region.

Derwîş stated that the operations the started to liberated the ISIS-occupied regions will continue until Girê Spi (Til Ebyad) is liberated.

He continued; “As Burkan al-Fırat Operations Room, we request our people to keep away from the military areas to the west of Girê Spi for their safety. The local people living in the region, the people of Sirin and Jarablus, must be careful against the terror of ISIS gangs and avoid being used as human shields. The gangs want to have our people fight in the battle field. Do not help them.”

Burkan al-Fırat Spokesman stressed that they would abide by all the rules highlighted in international conventions for the protection of civilians, adding; “In order to ensure this, our people in the region should leave the region temporarily which is of major importance for the protection of the civilians, especially those living in the areas of clashes.”

Burkan Al Fırat, which was set up to fight the gangs of “Al Baghdadi” (ISIS chief), includes the following forces: Liwa Al Tawhid (East branch), Liwa Al Siwar Al Raka, Shams Al Shamal brigades linked to the Fajir Al Huriye brigades, People’s Defence Units (YPG), YPJ, Seraya Jarablus, Liwa Japhat Al-Akrad, Siwar Umunaa Al Raka, Al Kasas Army and Liwa Al Cihad Fi Sebilillah.