Istanbul governor bans pro-Kurdish HDP rally in Istanbul scheduled for May 30

Tens of thousands Kurds joined HDP's Antalya rally took place today

KDN – AKP governor of Istanbul has denied permission for HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) election rally planned to take place at Kazlıcesme arena of Zeitunburnu district on 30 May.

The decision was grounded on the excuse that “the area is not included in the rally areas specified in the law no 2911”. However, AKP was granted the permission to hold a large ceremony and celebrate the invasion of Istanbul by the Ottomans just one mile away in Yeni Kapi on the very same day.

The governor of Istanbul issued a statement regarding the ban and claimed not to have the authority over the arena. “Such events must be authorized by Zeitunburnu district’s executives not Istanbul governor” the statement read. The governor’s statement also added that the HDP’s application for the Kazlicesme arena for its May 30 election rally has already been rejected by Zeytinburnu district either.

Moreover, it said that the rally arena has been reserved for the celebrations to mark the invasion of Istanbul by the Ottoman Turks on that day.

Demirtas Istanbul rally

Demirtas: The decision is a clear provocation

Commenting on the governor’s decision not to allow the Kurdish party to hold the rally, the HDP co-chair said that this decision by the governor and the district was political and a clear provocation ahead of June 7 elections. He called on his supporters to remain calm and not to resort street protests. “The people of Istanbul is with us” Demirtas added. “The supports is tremendous and is increasing from day to day for the HDP. Some people want to create problems, we are aware of that but we will not let them to achieve their ambitions”