Wave of attacks on HDP offices in Istanbul and Izmir

ANF – Attacks on the HDP election offices and its members are on the rise across western Turkey. HDP’s election office in the Pendik district of Istanbul was attacked yesterday night with Molotov cocktails, while another attack took place in the Aliaga district of Izmir, where some unknown people attacked the party office with stones and smashed the glass windows and doors.

In the Pendik district of Istanbul some unknown people attacked the HDP’s election office with petrol bombs, causing material damage as a small scale fire started after the attack. While the police started an investigation into the attack, the HDP executives said the attacks are carried out in an organised way as the street lights were not working in the last 10 days in the neighbourhood, adding that they were not fixed despite the warnings of HDP members.

A protest action will be held in front of the HDP Pendik office today.

In the meantime, 2 persons wearing ski masks attacked the HDP’s election office in the Aliga district of Izmir yesterday night at around 01:30, throwing stones. The night before the flags of the party hanging in front of the office were taken down and set on fire. While the HDP executives filed complaints about the attacks, no investigation has yet been started into the attacks.

Pro-Kurdish HDP held its Izmir election rally at Gündogdu square on Saturday with a crowd of hundreds of thousands according media reports.